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New: Till I Loved You 1/1

Subject: New story - Till I Loved You

Rating: A strong PG for language.

Disclaimer: The X-Files belong to C. Carter, FOX, and 1013 Prod. 
They don't belong to me. "Till I Loved You" is by Restless Heart and 
doesn't belong to me either.

Spoiler warning: Nothing after 3rd season.

Relationship: This is an MSR. This is a song story. If you don't like 
either of these kind of things you should skip this story. <g>

Summary: Mulder is doing some soul searching at a local bar when a 
song sets him on his ear.

Hi All! This has to be my all time favorite "Mulder Angst/Romance" 
song. It's a little different than I usually do these, but hopefully you 
will find it to your liking. Now, let's get to the story . . .

Till I Loved You
By Jeannine Ackerson

<This place is a dive.>

Fox Mulder knew it, but he didn't care. It was one of those tough, 
smoke filled, manly men bars with the wood paneled walls and the 
poolroom in back. The tables looked like they were cleaned once in a 
blue moon and the fake leather upholstery was cracked and ripped. 
To complete the "ambiance", the bartender was a two hundred plus 
pound man who looked like he belonged in a wrestling ring rather 
than behind the bar.

<You'd think the guy would wear a shirt with sleeves.>

But the real reason he was here instead of any of the more 
"respectable" bars in town was that it was dark. He could hide in the 
corner in the shadows, nurse his drink, and think about why he was 

<Hell, I know why I'm here. It's because its' been a shitty week and I 

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