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Slowly Goes the Night 3/4 by Shannon AlaynaSlowly Goes the Night (3/4) by Shannon Alayna

I am so sorry this took so long.  I am one of those poor unfortunate MSN
you may have heard about on the news, whose mail was brutally shut off
with no 
notice, But I'm BACK!!!!!!!

Title:  Slowly Goes the Night
Author:  Shannon Alayna
E-mail:  ishtarsb@msn.com
Posting:  Post this wherever, just please attach my name
Disclaimer:  You aren't still reading these stupid things, are you?  Oh
CC owns the souls of the X-Files, and far be it for me to attempt to steal
of his marvelous (yet sexless) characters.
Spoilers:  nope 
Rating:  Somewhere between a strong PG-13 to a light R for violence
Content warning:  slight MSR
Classification: R, S, A, X
Summary:  Scully has a nightmare that might prove to be more significant
she thought.
Author's Note:  Feeeeeeedbaaccckkkkk!!!  Please, I'll be your

The plant was massive, fields stretching for miles, dotted with

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