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IOMUG Digest - 1 May 1997 to 2 May 1997Re: 6400 / Scanner problem

rrrath 5/1/97 11:22 PM rrr@CP.DULUTH.MN.US

>I bought the 6400/200 to make better use of my UMAX S-6E scanner, speed and
>memory improvement over my Performa 636CD.
>The scanner worked just fine on the 636, just slow and not enough storage
>space.I have been unsuccessful in getting it to work with the 6400 (OS
>7.5.5, 80mb ram). I have installed both extensions that are supposed to
>correct the problems 54xx/64xx cpu's have with scanner operation: 54xx/64xx
>Update & 54xx/64xx L2 Cache Reset.

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