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Ad Man Pt3 (m/m, muscle)

Subject: Ad Man, part 3

(By the way . . . if you've read this far, I hope you're enjoying it.  I
would love to hear comments and suggestions.  Feedback always helps in
efforts. Thanks.)

Larry held him there for a minute, not moving, just pressing himself hard
into Tucker.  Tucker felt the fullness of Larry in him. Then Larry slowly
moved his hands down Tucker's torso, across his swelling, growing muscles,
until he had taken Tucker's cock in his hands.  As he slowly began to
the length of Tucker's cock, he withdrew himself and pressed himself back
inside Tucker in the same rhythm.  He gradually increased his tempo,
withdrawing himself slightly more each time, until he was pulling out past
the rim of his cockhead, feeling the flaring edge pop out and back in
slamming Tucker's hard ass each time he rammed himself in to its full
 Tucker felt the heat increase until he felt white hot.  His moans became
open mouthed groans, increasing in volume and intensity with Larry's
rhythm.  He felt Larry's breath, hot against his neck.  He was nearing
orgasm.  He could feel it building in him until he felt himself rocked by
another nuclear explosion, like before but stronger, squeezing him to the
center of his cells, his body alive with pulsing, shocking, jolting sexual
electricity.  And as he watched thick streams of white cream jet out of
cockhead he felt Larry inside him jerking hard, convulsing with his own
release, filling him with hot juice.  He felt himself fill up until
cum was leaking out and running down his butt and dripping off his balls. 

When their convulsions finally subsided, they both collapsed on the floor
the pools of their cum, laughing, rubbing handsful of it onto each other,
plastering down their hair, slipping and sliding their hands over each
other's incredible muscles.
Larry suggested a swim in the pool, and they went out to his patio. 
felt magnificent.  He could feel himself still steadily swelling bigger,
harder, denser, his body hair filling in, his dick and balls growing more

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