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Trilateral 10/10 by Erica MisztiTrilateral (10/10): OPC

TITLE:  Trilateral
AUTHOR:  Erica Miszti
EMAIL:  Erica.Miszti@premium-mail.co.uk
RATING:  NC-17 (drug use, swearing, violence, sex)
CLASSIFICATION:  X.A.R.(Mulder/Scully & Scully/Other)

Disclaimed in part one

Trilateral (10/10):  OPC


A Lonely Highway

<So, what happens now?>  Mulder asked the fates that had brought him to
sitting in the middle of the road, in the middle of a rain storm, with a
drugged up Dana Scully asleep in his arms.  

Police sirens cut the air as if in response and flashing blue lights
signaled the arrival of help.  Mulder stood up painfully, pulling Scully
with him, to face the future on their feet.  Someone had tried to knock
them down but they hadn't succeeded.  As long as he had breath in his
body, they would *never* succeed.       


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