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Suffer the Children 14/? by Rhondda LakeNEW:(14/?)Suffer the Children

Disclaimed in part 1.

Warning: Rated R for language, violence and all that lovely stuff we claim
we never read. The NC-17 chapter is already back there... and was so

Dogged Determination IV: Suffer the Children
by Rhondda Lake
(part 14/?)


The shovel hit the earth with a soft *chick-shhh*. The pile of dirt grew
larger with every sound. Ace watched with a small wrinkle of concentration
lining his forehead. No one held the shovel. It was surrounded by dark,
swirling shadows.

Queenie sat on a log looking bored and stroking Deuce's blonde hair, as a
human might pet a dog.

The shovel stopped when a hand shot through the packed ground. Filthy,
nailed broken, thin and curled into a claw. The hand was followed by an
then a head. A young man, covered in mud. His eyes wide, red and quite mad
slowly emerged.

"Diamond." Ace hissed. The newly emerged man snarled and sprang at Ace.

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