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Keep Breathing 1/1 by Abree BrandKeep Breathing (1/1)

Pendrell's Secret IV: Keep Breathing - Abree Brand - PG
Classified SA
Spoilers: Tempus Fugit/Max - US4
Summary: Pendrell's father reflects at Pendrell's deathbed.
Distribution: Please forward to ATXC and archive.


A DISCLAIMER: Chr*s C*rter, 10-13, and FOX own 'em all, at least
through season 5. No infringement is intended, mostly. 

This story actually should have been posted before "Lease On Life"
since it deals with the issues leading up to that story. But since it was
not, don't worry about it too much. Also, mildly angsty.

Oh, and I dropped the "Unlikely" 'cause it's beyond the realms of
unlikely. This ain't never gonna happen. Well, unless the LabMice
riot and storm the XF set and take over the show. How 'bout it? ;)


Pendrell's Secret IV: Keep Breathing
(Something We'll Probably Never See On The X-Files)
by Abree Brand

	He stared dully as his son died before him.
	The cigarette trembling between his lips threatened to fall into

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