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Suffer the Children 16/? by Rhondda LakeNEW:(16/?)Suffer the Children

Disclaimed in part 1.

Warning: Rated R for language, violence and situations. There is an NC-17
chapter already posted and so marked.

Dogged Determination IV: Suffer the Children
by Rhondda Lake
(part 16/?)

The female who had been with Ace was a newborne and mad with need. Perhaps
that helped push her into the folly of actually rushing Arianna, hands
twisted into claws as she snarled her rage. Then again, and more likely,
willed her to do it. He'd use his pack as cannon fodder. It was the way of
egocentrical little shits like him.

Ari dodged and balancing on one leg performed a spinning kick, her heel
connecting with the girl's spine. There was a satisfying *crunch* as she

Ari left her where she was, her arms trying to pull herself up, the bottom
half of her body no longer following the impulses her brain was putting

She turned to again face Ace, but he was no longer there.

"Coward!" Her scream echoed off the walls of the hallway. "Come out, come
out, where ever you are."

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