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*NEW* "Small Potatoes, Large Tomatoes" (2/3)

"Small Potatoes, Large Tomatoes"  (2/3)

written by GreenFish and Red Crow
<spooky42@juno.com and red@oscars.demon.co.uk>

SPOILER:  *BIG, BIG 4th season spoiler*  Don't read this if you
don't want to know about the upcoming "Small Potatoes"

SUMMARY:  Scully and Mulder go to investigate a case of small
potato proportions... but quickly discover that they might not be
who they think they are...

<rest of disclaimers, etc. in Part 1>

 -West Russet Motel, Russet, Idaho, 9:17 p.m.-

All right, Scully thought.  She couldn't get Mulder on his cell phone. 
But why would he have turned his cell phone off? she wondered. 
Maybe he was at home...  She dialed the number.  Less than a
minute later, Scully was hanging up the phone disgustedly.  She
sighed.  Scully knew she had to do something about it.  She
couldn't stay around this psuedo-Mulder for much longer, she
knew.  She had to get in touch with the real Mulder, but how--?  

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