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Future Horizons 11/12 by Emilie KarrX-files Fanfic "Future Horizons" pt 11/12

X-files Fanfic
Title: Future Horizons, pt 11/12
Author: Emilie Renee Karr
Comments to: ekarr@arctos.bowdoin.edu
DISCLAIMER: Some are CC's, some are ERK's, see part 7 for
complete disclaimer, and now on with the tale:

Guss found himself with a policeman almost two decades older than
him who obviously thought his chief was acting a little odd.
"We're going to talk to those UFO freaks?  Talk to them?  We
should be slapping the cuffs on 'em!"

"We need information from them," Guss said in his best FBI voice.
"Have they committed any felonies?"

"Drunk 'n disorderly, disrupting the peace, trespassing on
private property..." catalogued the officer in a mutter. 
"Misdemeanors should count for /something/...even if you need
their help."  

Even if there's way too many of them to actually control, Guss
thought, knowing that this was why nothing had actually been
done.  Beyond calling in the army or dropping tear gas on the lot
the Bardton police would have to put up with them.

Anyhow, if Mulder and Pender were right the UFO activity would
stop after tonight and the crowds would soon trickle away.

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