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Re: EEG Biofeedback TreatmentRe: EEG Biofeedback Treatment

JillyAnn <JillyAnn@bonkers.com> expounded:

> Another BINGO BILL!!! I'm glad you said it, and would only ADD the
>small point that if the treatment isn't working the individual at risk
>and their diagnosis may benifit from another look. (That's what you did
>say! Sorry I missed it, low on my Rit). Bio feedback trains our
>responses, but our underlying drivers remain little effected,  nor does
>it replace their absence when our pre frontals remain asleep. Like with
>a dog training collar, the pooch still dreams of runnin, but doesn't
You know, my poor little ADHD brain has a hard enough time following
the antics of Lucy and Joey and Suzy and who knows who else, and now
GOSH is posting under JillyAnn's account....would you people all
please stand in one place so I can identify you???


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the obvious change. Sorry.

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