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Reading What She Wrote 2/2 by JelynaNEW: Reading What She Wrote 2/2

No, I was *not* being coy and making you wait on purpose-- Win95 ate the
second part. (Memo to self: never save on the hard drive)  So, I had to
rewrite it.  Changed a few things...I'm not done playing with them. :-)

Disclaimed, etc., in part one.  This part, however, only earns a PG-13
rating-- lots and lots and lots of UST, though. :-)

Reading What She Wrote 2/2: Power
by Jelyna <Jelyna@aol.com>

His eyes opened with some difficulty, and he immediately
wondered what the hell he was doing in his car at-- check
the clock radio-- 4:30 AM.  A glance out the side window
showed Scully's apartment building, and he remembered.

That damned note.  His cell phone was stubbornly silent,
and her windows were achingly dark.  She had to have read
it... he'd left it in plain view.  

Mulder rubbed his eyes and yawned.  He was due at the 
office in three and a half hours.  She was probably up
there sleeping-- how the hell could she sleep?  His
weary mind couldn't comprehend why she hadn't called him.
He expected something-- an invitation back up, into her
arms; a warning that she had gotten more than she'd 
bargained for; even a curse on his head for ever reading

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