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GRP-FACL Digest - 22 Apr 1997 to 23 Apr 1997Re: Brainstorming and the like

Dear John

> One of the conditions I find most influencing in creative groups is the
> presence of trust between the members.  It appears that when the members
> trust and respect each other there is a greater likelihood that they will
> allow themselves to let go with freethoughts without fearing that their
> colleagues will shoot them down.

I agree.  That is a condition for free communications, but I don't think we
should confuse liking each other with trust.  I have seen groups whose
members actively disliked each other while jointly created solutions to
problems they had never encountered before week after week.

> Another condition seems to be the sense
> of importance of the issue or goal to be reached.  When the members feel
> that a goal is very significant and of personal importance their desire
> to find an answer pushes them to seek new ways toward resolution.

Yex, this is what I ment by NEEDING to be creative.  The condition of time
pressure also seems to contribute to creativity.  (I also think no time
presure can be a condition.)  In the time pressure situation, having the
capacity to look at the problem, indirectly seems to help.  I may be taking
the group's mind off the problem after it has focused on it for a while
helps.  This is like, not being able to remember something, talking about
something else and suddenly you remember.

> I've
> noticed also, in brainstorming groups, that one or two creative leaders
> arise and suggest interesting and strange ideas and this seems to trigger
> others to come out with more ideas.

Yes also, but I am not sure they are necessarily creative leaders.  Sometimes
someone quite unintentionally makes an off the wall remark when taken
seriously triggers whole new ways of thinking.

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