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Mairi Dennehy Ch2 1/1 by tj thwaitesMairi Dennehy Ch.2: I Take You With Me (1/1)

  Disclaimer: I don't own (nor could I even afford to *rent*) Chris
Carter's creations, so wonderfully brought to life by GA, DD, MP, NL. No
copyright infringement is intended. I'm flat broke, so if FOX sues, all
they'll get is a broken down rusty Hyundai and a twelve year old Gund.
won't get my computer unless they pry it from my cold dead fingers.

  Rating: PG-13

  Category: S, A

  Summary: Mulder travels to LA six weeks after Scully's transfer.

  Warning: character dies

  Comments and constructive criticisms are welcome at tthwaite@banff.net.
Or make them on the fictalk list.
  Flames will be used to heat my hot chocolate, unless they're witty
for me to save for ego-bashing purposes.

  Mairi Dennehy Ch. 2- I Take You With Me
  by tj thwaites (email tthwaite@banff.net)

  Flight 496- nearing LAX  6:32 pm

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