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Suffer the Children 11/? by Rhondda LakeNEW:(11/?)Suffer the Children

Disclaimed in part 1.

Dogged Determination IV: Suffer the Children
by Rhondda Lake
(part 11/?)

Dana Scully moaned in her sleep.

<<She was a little girl again. In a tent. Missy was sleeping next to her.
They were in the Rockies. Daddy was on leave, and they were all camping.

She heard a noise outside the tent that had nothing to do with the wind in
the trees, or the crackling embers of the campfire. She buried her head in
her sleeping bag and tried not to be afraid.

Billy and Charlie had delighted themselves with telling her every ghost
story they new. She'd laughed then, around the campfire, surrounded by
family. There were no such things as ghost bears, or a phantom wolf pack.
Ghosts were not real. They were just fun stories. SHE didn't know anyone
had seen a ghost. And she wasn't about to believe such silliness unless
saw it herself. At least, that's what seven year old Dana told herself.
She'd even convinced herself of it. 

Until now. In the dark. With everyone asleep but her, because she'd been
reading under the cover of her sleeping bag. Her flashlight illuminating

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