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Full Moon

TITLE:  Full Moon 
AUTHOR:  yit 
E-MAIL ADDRESS:  HappySpitfire@juno.com 
DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT:  Can be posted anywhere respectable.
SPOILER WARNING:  Memento Mori, Tempus Fugit and Max. 
SUMMARY:  Scully is upset, goes to see Mulder for consolation. 
Skinner angry about recent events.

DISCLAIMER:  All right.  We all know that the coolest show on earth
and  all it's characters belong to Chris Carter, TenThirteen
Productions, and FOX.  Despite that fact, I just can't resist
wasting my time on the endless thoughts and finished products of
these fanfic.  Please forgive me, it's not like I'm making money.

                 FULL MOON   (1/1)                   by yit


          Mulder smiled as he drove past Scully's apartment.  He
halfheartedly imagined a surprise visit, perhaps in the middle of
her  shower...mmmmmm.  But he knew that Scully and he would never
become a "duo", but remain as partners and friends.  <Damn,> he
thought.  His  dreams had been put on hold recently, now that
Scully had come up with  cancer.  How could everything go wrong so

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