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IOMUG Digest - 21 Apr 1997 to 22 Apr 1997CopyPaste 3.3.1

Don't know how many of you all are using CopyPaste, but it is a very neat
little extension that allows for the copying of up to 10 different items
without having to paste them out in order not to loose them. I find I use
it all the time in email to copy the name then the email address then
maybe a portion of text, if I want to reply privately to someone on the
list. Then just a new mail and paste, paste, paste. Same with multiple
web sites that I may want to go to later.

I have used version 3.3 for some time now without any probs and version
3.3.1 fixes a couple of glitches that had to do with some of Micro$loth
software. For more info,


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