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[NR] Automatic Digest [4/23]Re: LATEST RULINGS, A-E

In a message dated 4/22/97 10:12:08 AM, -ben wrote:

>> Bargain with Viacox
>> [snip a bit]
>>         The action provided by Bargain with Viacox can be skipped or
>> forgone just like any other special-purpose action.
>Hmmm...I about threw my neck out when I read this.  Does this mean I can
>"voluntarily" skip an action (such as running on that rezzed Liche :)?

Don't know why they've got the "skipped or" part in there.  But no, of course
you can't.  Come to Daddy.  :D

>> Chester Mix
>> [snip rulings]
>Why is Startup Immolator used as an example here...I thought it just
>targetted the rez cost (and Chester just reduces the installation cost).

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