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When the Truth is Found 11/14 by Kevin MatsumotoWhen The Truth Is Found I: Opening Moves 11/14 by Kevin

TITLE:When the Truth Is Found I: Opening Moves
PT: 11/14
AUTHOR: Kevin Matsumoto
EMAIL ADRESS: kevinm@pixi.com
SPOILER WARNING: Slight spoiler for Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man
Heavier spoiler for Tunguska/Terma. 
CONTENT WARNING: A few curse words, Some violence.
SUMMARY:  Mulder and Scully are surprised by the 
expansion of the X-files and the addition of two new agents.  
Disclaimer: See Chapter 1
I  want to thank my beta readers Eddie Edora and
Casey Carpenter, any mistakes you
might find are mine, not theirs.  They did a great
job of constructive critism and I owe them big time. :)
When the Truth is Found I: Opening Moves
By Kevin Matsumoto
Pt 11/14

	Scully watched calmly as Jesse Marcell paced the 
floor.  Several times he stopped and it looked like he was 
trying to figure out exactly what to say.  Finally he picked 
up a small photograph and handed it over to agent Scully.

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