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Local Mushrooms 1/? by multipleLocal Mushrooms (1/?)

Disclaimer: This fiction contains characters from the television 
series "The X-Files", which are the creations of Chris Carter,
Ten-Thirteen Productions, and FOX Broadcasting Company. It also 
contains characters from the late television series "Twin Peaks", 
which are the creations of David Lynch and company. We make no 
claim to ownership and highly promote the distribution of this in 
a free manner without monetary gain.

DISTRIBUTION:     Anywhere, as long as our names are on it.

SPOILER WARNING:  We will definitely quote from all existing
                  X-Files... tons of reference to Twin Peaks
                  and literature to be disclaimed at the end. 

RATING:           R, for language, alcohol, and a possible...
                  hell, read it yourself!

CONTENT WARNING:  A little transvestitism... perhaps?...

CLASSIFICATION:   H, because there is a lack of it these days.
                  Twin Peaks/X-Files/?

SUMMARY:          Mulder investigates the area where Dale 
                  Cooper disappeared and Scully has a life.

AUTHOR'S NOTES:   This is a response to Corie's Twin Peaks 

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