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Swing Shot 6/10 by Char Hall[6/10] Swing Shot - Char Hall

*Disclaimer & Notes: See part one.

T h e  X - F i l e s
Swing Shot
Part Six / Ten
by Char Hall


After Hours Emergency Clinic
Washington, DC	9:15 pm

The little sheet of pink paper fluttered onto her desk.  Alison 
Frank looked up to see her secretary staring down at her, a 
quirky grin in place on her droll little mouth.
	"Neil called.  You know, his stutter is getting worse, 
Alison.  His therapy must not be helping much,"  the woman said.  
"I told him you were busy seeing to a patient and that you'd call 
him when you were through."
	Alison sighed.  Neil Maier wasn't a patient of her normal 
practice, he was a young journalist that she had met years ago at 
a press conference.  The man had become a friend very quickly.  
But not in the traditional sense.  He seemed to keep to himself; 
he was very guarded in regards to personal information.
	He had called her in the past in order to obtain medical 
information for some work he'd been doing.  He'd once told her 

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