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IOMUG Digest - 19 Apr 1997 to 20 Apr 1997Re: Slowed Background Printing

>>My recommendation is to turn off background printing and complain as much
>>as you can to HP to get them to fix their drivers so they work instead of
>>trying to make them "push the limits".
> Dave this may be old news but I have just (yesterday) down loaded
>several new drivers from HP for my three HP printers GX and non-GX. In
>addition I have used HP background printing for some time now with an
>8500 and have had little or no performance hit. Expecially with gooney
>goo goo programs like Eudora and Netscrap (text). My advice is ( to
>original questioner not you Dave) to check your exts. and then go up to
>HP electronic Support center and download or compare your drivers to the
>latest fare for your printer. I found my HP4MV driver was getting pretty
>old. You should not feel a performance hit with the HP in background when
>using those programs.

Where did you download them from? Do you have a URL for downloading?


dkelly@earthlink.net or

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