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Cu Digest, #9.30, Wed 16 Apr 97 - Responses to Cokie RobertsFile 1--Responses to Cokie Roberts' column on the Net and government

Source -  fight-censorship@vorlon.mit.edu

[Hayek has it right -- we shouldn't fetishize democracy. Democracy is at
best a means to a freer society, not a guarantee of one. Under the weight
of a homogenous majority, a democracy can be more oppressive than a benign
dictatorship. Instead, we should pursue liberty as a goal. -Declan]


Date--Fri, 11 Apr 97 20:08:00 DST
From--"Halpert, James - DC" <jhalpert@pipermar.com>

This column is remarkably unfair -- at its core an elaborate bait and
switch.  Petitioning the government over the Net has nothing to do with
cyber-stalking or cyberporn -- and is a considerable leap away from
electronic town hall referenda.

Whatever the merits of instant electronic referenda, giving the public an

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