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Something They Ate 2/2 by Genna KingsleySomething They Ate 2/2 by Gemma Kingsley

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Something They Ate
(Part 2) by Gemma Kingsley (gkingsley@hotmail.com)


11:00 a.m. Forest Motel

     Scully sat on the bed in her motel room, watching her partner
pace backwards and forwards.  Their earlier visit to the lab had
confirmed that the traces of sulfur that Scully had found were
from fireworks just as she had thought, but the Agents were no
further towards explaining the strange behaviour of the residents
of the Sheffield home.  As Mulder passed the bed again, Scully
placed an arm on his leg to stop him, and he almost hit the roof
in surprise.
     "Calm down, Mulder," she said soothingly as he seated himself
beside her, her hand still lying gently on his thigh.  'Calm,'
Mulder thought to himself ironically, 'is the last thing I'm
likely to be with Scully's hand where it is now.'  He forced
himself out of his reverie as she continued to speak.
     "This isn't a case of alien possession, or clones, or anything
like that.  It's perectly natural.  They live and work together in

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