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Flat Cats 2/2 by WindsingerNEW: FLATCATS (2/2) by Windsinger

By Sue Esty (AKA Windsinger)
1/1/96 (revised 2/20/97)

Chapter 2

      By the time they reached the golden main entrance of their
hotel, Dana knew Mulder had pushed himself too far. There was
darkness about this eyes, a grey tone to his skin despite his weak
smile. In her preoccupation with their silly comments and exuberant
caperings of the evening, content to see the appraising flow of his
eyes across her form in its rented finery, Dana had forgotten his
exhaustion at the airport. Here was the Mulder who had not had a
decent night's sleep for days and she had been selfish wanting the
night to go on and on. His eyes had begun to lose their luster two
hours before but Dana had chosen not to interpret that signal and
he had not wanted to spoil her fun by calling it a night before she
was ready. Mulder was like a candle with a low wick - he still
burned brightly, but every once in a while his flame sputtered. It
was doing that now as he stood swaying beside the control panel in
the elevator car trying to remember their floor. He barely made it
to her door.
      Dana hesitated before going in, wanting to pull him in with
her and into that big bed - just to sleep safe and warm beside him,
if for no other reason than to keep this night from ending so soon.

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