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Re: Men As "Success Objects" & Women As "Sex Objects" (David) wrote:
 >In article <4qohrv$>,
 >	Gail Thaler <> writes:
 >> The only difference I see in men's magazines and women's magazines
 >> in regard to women's bodies is that the women in men's magazines
 >> have had breast implants.
 >> They are extremely thin but have big breasts.
 >> But then I heard a male designer complain that breasts got in the
 >> way of his designs.  Ruined the line of this clothing!!
 >> No wonder women have trouble with body image.
 >Hm, sounds to me like one has a choice.
 >Try to be like a fashion model to be a clothes-horse.
 >Or try to be like a sex goddess to be in Playboy.
 >Or forget about being a model and act normal like anyone else.
 >Most men don't look like male models, why should women expect to
 >look like the people in magazines?  (Let alone get conflicted because
 >the women in some mags look different from the women in others.)
 >The difference is that men don't stress about it like it seems women do.
 Yes. And it's a big difference. 80% of American are on diets. Eating disorders are ruining young woman's lives and even killing some of
 them. Who knows if there's a connection between implants and disease?
 Also, an article in the New York Times suggests that girls may be
 robbing themselves of their true genetic height because of "anxiety."
 Are you going to blame the girls for that?  It's not happeningto
 boys.  Why not.
 >I guess I don't think about body image.  My body is there, it has
 >never once failed to hold up a shirt or fill a pair of shoes.
 >The parts work.  Who needs an image?  An image sounds like something
 >unrealistic.  Like the pictures one sees of models.
 >David Quinn
 Have you ever been on a subway?  The men spread their legs and
 strecth out--the women make themselves as small as possible.
 Why do you think that is?  By the way, the title of the thread in
 soc.women is Men as Success Objects and Women as Sex Objects.
   It is an unfortunate human failing that a full pocket-book often 
 groans more loudly than an empty stomach.
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