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Re: Men As "Success Objects" & Women As "Sex Objects"

 Zardoz <> wrote:
 >J. Chapman wrote:
 >> Really? It has been my observation that most  men care very little
 >> about what a woman is wearing snd pay so little attention to the ins
 >> and outs of womens fashions that the difference between a dress and
 >> pants is about the most subtle differentiation they make. Women and
 >> girls on the other hand are *constantly* judging each other's
 >> appearances and criticizing their "fashion sense". Unless that
 >> Paris designer came over and put a gun to your head you shouldn't
 >> be blaming him for troubles with "body image". Does anyone even
 >> *wear* the things they design?
 >How true!  The other conclusion is that women (collectively) have far more discretionary 
 >spending money to spend on clothing, jewelery, cosmetics, etc., etc., etc., than do men 
 >(collectively) despite the decades of complaints about women earning less money.  Men 
 >buy what we can afford, plain simple durable clothing that lasts years and years. Women 
 >buy the latest fashion, one at at time pieces, fancy stuff that costs 4 times more each 
 >and she has to have 4 times as many.  Most of it is to please her own vanity and that of 
 >her sisterss, not for the men in her life (who's money she is often spending).  Its not 
 >coincidence that fashion is a women's world, ask any retailer who has money to spend.  
 >(Note: earning more money is irrelivant -- its spending money that matters)
 First of all, the fashion industry has been complaining for years
 that women are not slave to fashion like they used to be. 
 Second of all, if you don't think women are dressing to attract men,
 how do you account for the fact that Lesbians, generally, have
 short hair, don't wear heels or makeup, and dress non-provocatively?
   It is an unfortunate human failing that a full pocket-book often 
 groans more loudly than an empty stomach.
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