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Re: Multi-ethnic, Multi-cultural, Where Is The "One Drop" Rule When You Need It

 On 25 Jun 1996 17:17:20 GMT, JustUs <>
 >>Except that isn't all they are. When someone says that they are black, this
 >>implies that both of their parents are black. If someone has one black parent
 >>and one parent of another race, that is what they are. Each parent contributes
 >>exactly half of a child's genetic makeup. If one has a black parent, that
 >>parent's DNA doesn't somehow cancel out the genetic contribution of the other
 >>one. Also, provided the child grows up with frequent contact with both parents
 >Scientific/genetic, rationale/justification aside........let's create a little senario......(based in reality not in genetic breakdo=
 >wns)...a carload of teens are stopped by the cops, the (your words) half black and half white young man is treated exactly the same =
 >as the (how would you say this????) "all" black young men.....I can just hear him shout "but officer you can't treat me like themm, =
 >I'm half white!!  Please attempt to let day to day reality affect your life and comments.....ignorance and naivete are a dangerous c=
 Seems to me that you are missing the point.  First of all, you're
 begging the issue by assuming that the black person and the
 "half-black" person will be treated the same, which in my experience,
 is not always the case.  If the mixed-race person is clearly mixed
 race, then they are often looked at differently than the black person.
 Second, if the young men in the care are treated exactly the same, it
 makes no difference WHAT race they are.  That is, let's say there's a
 black man and a "pure" white man in the car.  A cop stops them and
 treats them identically.  Can the white man shoult, "but officer you
 can't treat me like them, I'm white!"  Of course not.  Finally, you're
 taking an isolated and extreme example and using it to circumscribe
 all facets of a person's existence.  Why should someone define
 themselves by what MIGHT happen if they are stopped by cops?  That
 being the case, all black men should drive around in shitty vehicles,
 so as to minimize the chance of being suspected as drug dealers.
 >Well you might want to review history (as told by AA's and whites) in order to understand these things that puzzle you, in particula=
 >r laws and rules which were  established during slavery ( and please don't say slavery doesn't exist today so the same rules don't a=
 >pply, because we still live in the shadow of old ideas and mind sets).  
 I see. So because things once were, we must accept them forever,
 injust or no.
 >>Real life just isn't like that. It doesn't conform to these rigid divisions.
 >>Oh, I beg to differ......where do you live......what is your reality?
 >> you can embrace all of the "other"
 >>>stuff that runs through your veins, but when the
 >>>world looks at you they see BLACK.
 The world looks at black folks and sees STUPID.  Does that mean we
 should do nothing to alter that perception.  If mult/biracial folks
 want to stake out their own identity, then so be it.  Certainly,
 multi-racial SPANISH-speaking people have been at least partially
 successful in that regard.  In this part of the country, anyway, it is
 quite possible for a dark-skinned individual to be viewed as whites as
 Latino first and *then* "black-looking"
 jlopez//  I have discovered in symmetry the root of much iniquity.
                                               --Jose Moreno Villa