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Re: JEWS cause problems?

 > I find the use of the word "gentile" offensive.  People are not defined
 Gentile just means not Jewish...I doesn't make you a bad person if you are 
 a gentile. So long as you are a rightous one..
 > by what they are not (in this case, Jews) but by what they are.  I, as
 > an atheist Celtic-American, have no more in common with a Latino
 > Catholic as I do with a Cambodian Buddhist, but to you we are all
 > "Gentiles".  Isn't this an "us verses them" mentality?
 I am a Jewish Persian American Sephardic umm let's see... AMerican oh yeh, 
 I said that already, Conservative. yadda yadda yadda... You are you and I 
 am I...So what? Don't think of it as a Us vs. Them... First be a Jew for a 
 20 yrs or so then understand why we say Gentile and Jew...
 > As for Christians, although many are also not othordox enough to
 > observe the sabath to the extent that they will not work or answer the
 > telephone, they generally do, however, believe that Sunday is for going
 > to church and spending time with their families.  The fact that one is
 > more extreme than the other does not imply that both are not equally
 > important.  I would be equally upset if a christian co-worker coerced
 > my jewish co-workers to work on the sabath, seeing as those with whom I
 > work are very tradional about the practice.
 >>: There probably are jewish slum loards. 
 A slum lord drug dealing person that calls himself a Jew, isn't a 
 Jew..He's scum...that goes with anyone else, Christian, Moslem, buddhist, 
 yadda yadda yadda...
 > Tribes, generally, belong to a race.  In the case of the Jewish people,
 > most are of some degree semetic.  There, indeed, has been much
 > interbreeding between the white race and the semetic race.  I'm all for
 > interacial breeding.  I think it strengthens the human race by
 > increasing the diversity necessary to take best advantage of evolution.
 Right on Brother!  A child with a white and black parent is a beautiful 
 child.. Just look at Maria Carey! Hubba hubba... :)
 >>: I think there is some truth here.  
 Truth does not come out of mouths of fools...Be careful what you say.
 Since many American Jews are
 >>: wealthier than the general population and have more influence, their
 >>: acts are much less publicised than that of other groups.  Any
 > critizism
 >>: which is levied against them is quickly labeled "Anti-Semetic",
 > which,
 >>: I think, is one of the most highly over used word in the modern
 > English
 >>: vocabulary.
 Maybe so...but that doesn't make Jewish people bad people.  Jews started 
 out just like the Blacks with very little money and not as good jobs.. But 
 they worked hard, and worked hard and moved their way up society.  No 
 complaints no riots, just worked.. None of that crap and bullshit some 
 antiSemitic and Holocaust Deniers say that the Jews are trying to control 
 the world..
 >>I doubt this.  There simply are few examples of Jewish violent crime,
 >>but the "crimes" of Israel and people like Pollard are publicized
 >>ad nauseam.  Also, if Jews are highly sensitive to antisemitism,