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Re: Date RWpe drug???

 I think it is ruffonal, or something like that.   I just read an article
 about it, it's big in texas and florida.  And, a rape case in FLA is
 going on now regarding the attacker using this drug.  Apparently, women
 were not going to the police because so much of what went on was a complete
 In article, (Fathom) writes:
 > In article <4qhgo1$>, (Spehro Pefhany) wrote:
 > > What is it suppose to do? If the purpose is after-the-fact 
 > > contraception, I have heard of "morning after" pills, that are 
 > They are referring to a strong tranquilzer-hypnotic. Some scuzzbags put it
 > in a date's drink to knock her senseless, then use her body for their
 > kicks.
 > I don't know what to say or do about men who stoop so low, but I fail to
 > see how driving the drug traffic farther underground solves the problem.
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