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Re: Australian Needlework

 > Diane Dodds <> writes:
 > I have been looking after mail for a faculty member who is in Australia 
 > and he has offered to bring me some needlework from Australia. Could 
 > someone please advise me as to what I could ask for.  I like canvas work 
 > but I don't know if there is a designer from AU of this sort of 
 > needlework.  I could ask for cross stitch but then I can get that here in 
 > Canada.  Is there an AU designer that designs canvas work; by canvas work 
 > I mean like Susan Portra or Jean Hilton?  I would appreciate some 
 > recommendations if some one has any.
 I don't do needlework (too expensive for me) only cross-stitch.  I recently
 saw in a shop a kit which was a cross-stitched wall chart with all the
 letters of the alphabet.  Each letter was illustrated with a native
 Australian animal, eg the P has a brush-tailed possum twined around the
 upright.  You could buy a kit for each letter separately too and I think
 you could get just the chart.
 If your colleague is in Melbourne a great shop to visit is Lazy Daisy at
 142 Burgundy Street in Heidelberg (the coffee shop next door is pretty good
 too).  They stock all sorts of needlework, cross-stitch, hardanger etc
 supplies.  The women who run it would be able to give your colleague
 advice on typically Australian needlework.
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