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Re: Can anyone recommend (or dis) a brand of gas barbecue?

 >      I'm in the market for a gas barbecue and I'm trying to figure out
 > what brand to buy.  Can anyone recommend one?  Has anyone
 > bought one that turned out to be a piece of junk?  Is Weber the only
 > reliable maker (not to mention the most expensive)?
 Weber is the best. Consumer Reports did a report a year or two ago and I
 agree fully. 
 Cheaper grills get too hot and can't cook food properly. My father has a
 Char Broil and we end up cooking everything up on the top rack where you
 are supposed to put the rolls for toasting.
 Also, the upper end Webers have 3 burners. This helps because you can have
 the center burner off when you are cooking. If all of your food is over
 the center burner then there will be very few flare ups because there is
 no flame underneath. 
 Though I don't generally subscribe to this philosophy with grills it is
 definately true, "You get what you pay for!". I have a Weber Genesis 2000
 and all of my neighbors are buying them now because they are the best.
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