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AMC: TAN: Chatting with Robin Mattson on Lifetime Chat

 Hi Everyone!  I logged on for the chat with Robin Mattson. I'm putting 
 the chat on from what I saw on my end. I thought some people might like 
 to read it. The lines starting with TO MODERATOR are questions that I 
 asked.  I left everything in(even the "commercials" ;))  Only 1 got 
 answered and it wasn't even about AMC :(  Robin did mention a big scene 
 with Susan Lucci...YES!!!
 <moderator> Now let's welcome our guest this afternnon, Robin Mattson!
 <moderator> Good evening Robin, thanks for joining us!
 <moderator> Would you like to say anything to our audience before we get 
 <RobinMattson> Thanks for joining us this evening as we chat a little 
 about my new food show, The Main Ingredient.
 <RobinMattson> Hope some of you have had a chance to tune in.
 <RobinMattson> I'd love to hear your feedback on the show.
 <RobinMattson> For those of you who haven't had a chance to catch the 
 show yet, it's on weekday mornings at 11 am ET/PT.
 <RobinMattson> And 10 am Central (check your listings!).
 <moderator> Robin, how did you get involved in cooking?
 <RobinMattson> My father was a chef.
 <RobinMattson> I was interested in baking at  a very early age and I 
 always enjoyed a lot of wonderful
 <RobinMattson> food in my home.
 <RobinMattson> Eventually, as an adult, I attended culinary school and 
 really got serious about it.
 <moderator> when is Janet going to get out of Dr. Kinder's? 
 TO moderator: And let him have what's coming to him!
 <RobinMattson> Hopefully very soon before my brain gets as boggled as 
 Kinder's wife Toni.
 <moderator> Just a reminder that this chat is moderated, please direct 
 any questions or comments to user "moderator," public comments will not 
 be visible to the general audience.
 <moderator> Robin, what is the food you hate the most?
 <RobinMattson> I really hate okra, but actually we featured it on a 
 recent segment of The Main Ingredient for those of you who love it!
 <moderator> what is your most sinful food indulgence? 
 <RobinMattson> Pizza is a real weakness of mine...
 TO moderator: What is her favorite relaxing food?
 <RobinMattson> I especially love it covered with extra cheese because 
 cheese is my favorite food, 
 <RobinMattson> but I consider it sinful because it has such a high fat 
 <moderator> What is her favorite relaxing food? 
 <RobinMattson> I love to relax with a tall, ice cold glass of tea made 
 from fresh mint by simply pouring boiling water over the fresh mint 
 <RobinMattson> My mother often makes this refreshing drink because she 
 has a garden full of fresh mint.
 <moderator> I just graduated from college, and am now on my own...does 
 your show offer simple quick meals?  
 <RobinMattson> We definately focus on food that is healthy, easy to 
 prepare and uncomplicated with ingredients
 <RobinMattson> that are readily available.
 <RobinMattson> Knowing how busy people are these days.
 <RobinMattson> To check out some recipes, be sure to take a look at 
 Lifetime Online's web site.  
 <moderator> Just a reminder...Please join us for a live chat with 
 Victoria Principal, (best known as Pamela Ewing from "Dallas"), star of 
 the Lifetime Original Movie "Abduction" which premieres July 2 at 7pm.
 <moderator> s Robin doing her own typing????  
 <RobinMattson> No!