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 I gave this a lot of thought before resorting to such an action; it is a
 last resort as I have run out of options. For months, I've received the
 MLM "Make Money" bla, bla, bla ads on the Internet and I've found them
 insulting and annoying. That's why it is particularly hard for me to stoop
 to what I'm about to ask for. I don't blame you if you flame me for this,
 but pardon the cries of the captain of a ship that is going under, if you
 can spare me that measure of kindness.
 For ten years I have struggled to make it as a graphic designer. I've seen
 my business dwindle steadily with each passing year. I was always
 underfunded and finding that to do this client's project, I needed
 such-and-such computer equipment and software that I didn't have and could
 not afford. I managed to borrow the money for some of these needs from
 friends and family, but it was always "too little, too late."
 Gradually, things fell into disrepair. The house I'm living in is in such
 disrepair that when I enquired about a debt consolidation mortgage, the
 lenders refused. When I asked, "what about just for the land value?" they
 responded "by the time you subtract the cost of demolition, there'd be
 nothing left of the equity." I owe taxes. I owe money to friends who
 bailed me out of last year's near-tax foreclosure. I make calls, I
 telemarket like there's no tomorrow, but no one responds with a positive
 "yes, we're interested in your service." I spent hundreds of dollars on
 postage and mailed out many letters to ad agencies, any other kinds of
 businesses that might hire me. No replies, not even "thanks, but no
 thanks." Last year my net income was $311. That was a good year for me, as
 this year so far my gross has been less than that. My last two clients
 ceased operations, or moved their outsourced work to internal staff this
 January. I have not drawn a paycheck since February. In April, my car was
 repossessed. My bank account became overdrawn last month. The checks I
 sent to the electric company and the phone company have been return
 "unpaid --non-sufficient funds." I owe many people money.
 Usually, something breaks through and I manage to survive. This year,
 things have been different. It's as if everyone were conspiring to starve
 me so completely, that I would hit bottom. Panic set in this week as I
 exhausted every edible food item in the house. I have not eaten since
 Sunday. I have sixty cents left to my name.
 As I sit here in utter poverty, I am struck by the apparent gross
 unfairness of the situation. What I mean to say is, how can some low-life,
 violent, uneducated, spoiled brat get paid $26 million a year just to hit
 a few balls? How can some under-cultured animal spew out the auditory
 equivilent of vomit into a microphone and sell millions of record albums
 for big money? How can a liar sweet talk his way into the service of the
 People and then manage to divert millions into his own pockets from
 taxpayer's money? The list goes on and on....
 ...and so I sit here, full well knowing that I have more talent in my
 little toe than some of these bums who just happened to know the right
 people, or scream at the right place and time so someone would be
 impressed enough to make them a star, and I, who can do wonderful things
 with computer graphics if some company would give me the chance, I... sit
 here alone and hidden away, unable to find even a small job on which to
 survive. Why are the men of virtue punished as such? Why do the
 despicable, socially-ill figureheads of society get all the fame and
 fortune, to the extent that they throw their lives away by smoking pot,
 using cocaine and living dangerously because they are so spoiled rotten
 and bored with their success? Good people are suffering while these
 bastards make all the riches!
 And so... that gets my frustration out on the table. And I finally come to
 the point: I need financial help. And so I figure that the power of great
 numbers is something that can work to save me...
 Geez... I can barely bring myself to do this. You can't imagine how many