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MISC Job List, 5May97, Army Various

LOCATION:  HQ, EIGHTH US ARMY, MWR Div, ACofS, G-1, Construction
Section, Unit #15236, APO AP 96205-0009 (Seoul Korea)

SALARY: $40,00 to $44,000 per annum. Salary subject to negotiation, LQA
eligibility per provisions of DSSR, and recruitment based on projected
position approval.

AREA OF CONSIDERATION: Worldwide, all US Citizens.

MAJOR DUTIES:  Assigns interior design projects as senior designer for
the MACOM.  Assist program managers by providing technical input through
program identification, listing of proposed actions, identification of
tasks, preparation of costs, and development of milestones for project
completion.  Reviews approved projects to ensure compliance with
technical standards and budget parameters.  Attends design review
meetings to coordinate and evaluate architectural/engineering proposals
with users, commanders, engineers, architects, contractors and
procurement specialists.  Redesigns those facilities outside the concept
of accepted standards, time or budget parameters.  Ensures consistency
with programming regulatory and budgetary constraints.  As technical
expert in the area of facility design, participates in field inspections
of MWR projects prior to, during and after project construction.
Develops interior design packages which include space planning,
drawings, past-up boards, rederings and furnishing specifications.
Directs interior designer to perform drafting (both CAD and manual),
renderings, or other work in developing interior design package.  Works
with CFSC food service designers in the coordination of interiors with
functional areas.  Travels to installations, representing EUSA in the
formation/presentation of designs.

For a copy of this announcement and to submit applications please

Seoul Civilian Personnel Office
Unit #15333
APO AP 96205-0177
Telephone 82-2-7918-3077/3630


R 301448Z APR 97

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