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Staar on Military R&D, Kovalev on NATO, Zatulin and Migranyan on

Dear David,

I am forwarding the current issue of Perspective to you in the hope that
you may include it in your Johnson's Russia List. =20

Perspective, a bimonthly during the academic year,  offers analyses of
current events in Russia and the NIS and is geared to a wide scholarly
audience.  The articles contributed by experts --primarily from Russia's
academic community, government and the mass media, as well as US analysts--
are commissioned especially for Perspective.  The current issue consists of
: "Russia Expands its Military R&D" by Richard F. Staar, "The Anti-NATO
Coterie" by Sergei Kovalev;  Zatulin and Migranyan on the CIS translated by
Miriam Lanskoy.

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