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HUMOR Digest - 7 May 1997 to 8 May 1997Religious Humor <adult humor>

*   A synagogue and a church are across the street from each other.
  The Rabbi and the Priest have been in a friendly competition with
  each other for years.  The one day, the Priest's parish buys him a
  brand new car.  The Priest blesses the car with Holy Water.
    Not to be out-done, the temple members buy their Rabbi a new car
  also.  But he cannot match the Priest's blessing.  After giving it
  some thought, he goes out and cuts 3" off the tailpipe of his car.
                                - - - - -

*   Just about all my life I belonged to the Reformed Lutheran Church.
  When I married my wife, I converted to her church, which at that time
  was called the Lutheran Church in America.  In order to do so, I had
  to attend classes.
    At one of the first sessions, the Minister conducting the class
  said, "What must we do before we can expect forgiveness from sin ?"
    I replied, perhaps too quickly, "Sin ???"
                                - - - - -

*   This one member of the Catholic church was having a real struggle
  over the question of birth control, so he asked his Priest if he
  thought it was really a sin.
     "All depends," the Priest replied, "I myself have been faithfully
  practicing it for many years now."
                                - - - - -

*   A man goes to the track and sees a Priest blessing a horse before
  a race and quickly goes to the ticket window and bets.  The horse

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