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India News Network Digest [3] - April 1Last of the legends: Calcutta loses Pattrea

#1  Last of the legends: Calcutta loses Pattrea

By  Our Correspondent - Calcutta - The Asian Age - 21st March 1997

Eminent filmmaker, poet, novelist and illustrator Purnendu Pattrea died
in the Woodburn Ward of SSKM Hospital at 2.10 am on Thursday.  He was
battling with lung cancer.

Pattrea was admitted into Calcutta Hospital on March 9, just two days
after he had taken part in a march to mark the resurrection of the
Calcutta Book Fair.  He was transferred to SSKM on February 18.

The state government had made arrangements for his treatment and he was
recovering under the supervision of a special medical board till his
sudden end.

Pattrea was the last of a generation of versatile artists, whose
paintbrush matched their capacity of literary expression as well as
their visual sense.  A generation which included the likes of Annada
Munshi and Satyajit Ray.  Together, they revolutionised the concept of
cover design and book illustration during the 1950s and 60s.

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