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HUMOR Digest - 27 Mar 1997 to 28 Mar 1997Easter Jokes <May Be Offensive To Some Christians, Not This One>

Here is my annual contribution of Easter jokes:

Jesus was nailed to a cross which was erected between those of two notorious
criminals. The man to his right said,"Everyone knows us two are here because
we are thieves and murderers, but what are you here for, brother?". Jesus
answered, "littering". (All those palms). The man to his left spit on the
ground and said, "Then you're no brother of ours". Then Jesus said, "And
creating a nuisance." The man to his left smiled and said, "I apologize
brother. For a minute there, I was afraid they put you up here just to
disgrace us."

Easter is celebrated by Christians worldwide, but Christians in Asia
celebrate Easter than the rest of us.

 OJ Simpson  sure has benefited from our
modern legal and medical systems. If he had lived in Roman times, he would
have undergone a brutal cross examination, and suffered badly from hangnails.

Of course, he might have been saved by religion. In those days, preachers had
a way of getting across.

Marsha Clark and Chris Darden would have found themselves working at cross

You might groan at my jokes, but if a Roman had told them, they would be

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