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[PN] Ethiopian immigrant killed over drugs

It is said that black drug arrests are because of racial bias, but
how does that explain the astronomical death rate of blacks
involved in the drug business? Is that bias?

Seattle Times Friday, March 28, 1997

                              A promising life, a tragic end

                              by Linda Keene
                              Seattle Times staff reporter

                              Angaw Ayele survived civil war and
                              famine in Africa, but he couldn't
                              survive the drug and gang wars of
                              Seattle. The bright, personable honor
                              student was shot and killed in a
                              downtown alley last week, a bag of
                              cocaine in his pocket.

                              Ayele, 18, had a college scholarship,
                              spoke four languages, was a volunteer
                              tutor and was helping support his
                              Ethiopian family. Like many young
                              immigrants, he seemed seduced by this
                              culture's vast freedoms.

                              The youngest of seven children, Ayele
                              arrived here when he was 15. He was born
                              in Ethiopia but the family escaped to
                              Sudan when he was a few months old.

                              He said he was raised in the wilderness
                              until the family was sent to a refugee
                              camp in Sudan. As his older brother,
                              Negassi Ayele described the experience,
                              "It was good; better than to die . . .

                              On March 17, Angaw Ayele was killed in a
                              drug-related assault. He had been
                              selling cocaine when he was approached
                              by a man who offered to sell him crack
                              cocaine cheaply, so he could resell it.

                              According to the King County
                              Prosecutor's Office, the two went into

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