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Re: Trained to believe we're fat?Re: Trained to believe we're fat?

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you write:
>In article <3339B4BC.1DE@freenet.msp.mn.us>, Victoria
><salcedo@freenet.msp.mn.us> wrote:
>> Y'know, Deanna, you got something there.  I've always thought of myself
>> as being 'fat' - long before the time I was learning the virtues of
>> ipecac in high school, I always thought of myself as some sort of
>> bloated pig. Until very recently, I figured that I was just the fat one
>> in my family. And then I saw some pictures of me from ages 4 - 12...

You'd have done well to snip the rest of this totally irrelevant article too.

Can you read the name of the newsgroup? 
Its alt.fashion.

Your personal and rather revolting dietary habits are certainly not
of any interest to anyone normal, and belong in some psychology or support
group for people who are also mentally ill.

I really don't care whether you're fat or thin, and the last thing
I want to read about in a forum about fashion is your American
obsessive crap about weight.

>> When I think of the anorexia and bulimia, the constant dieting, the
>> hours of exercise, the periodontal surgeries I had to have 6 years ago
>> (because of the stomach acids that ruined my gums from constant throwing

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