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Important article! (fwd)Important article! (fwd)

I read a recent article in Harper's Magazine (april 1997, pg 35-58).  
The most important aspect of this article is that it is an illustation of
how far beyond reasonable limits the War On Drugs has gone, how bazarly
idiotic the DEA can be, and how the DEA has succesfully denied citizens
their first amendment rights. Harper's is a national, respected magazine,
and is usually very careful about their coverage.  As an addad benefit,
the article details easy methods of producing unrefined opium from bread
poppies (yes, the seeds for these are legal, you eat them).  It is a very
amusing and well writen piece.  Read it.  You dont even have to buy it,
just read it at the newstand.  I am going to post this to as many
applicable groups as possible.  Please forward this if you think the
article worthwhile.  

PS, check out pg.13, Harpers index.  Its way cool.
Heres a couple quotes:
"Chance that a US oncologist has recommended marijuana use to combat
	nausea caused by chemotherapy: 1 in 2"
"Distance from the Sphinx's nose to the nearest Kentucky Fried Chicken, in
yards: 200"
They have a list approximately 40 entries long every month.  Its a blast.

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