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Jokeclub Mar. 25, 1997: Issue 107Confession..

	On good friday a priest was hearing confessions, and he had the
great urge to go to the bathroom. I gotta find someone quick, he thought
to himself. So inbetween a confession he peered out of the confessional,
looking for a smart looking man to cover for him. He saw a guy that fit
the image well enough and called the guy over to him. "Look I really have
to go to the bathroom bad, could you cover me for 5 minutes, it's been
real busy" The guy said sure, and off the priest went. 
	The guy heard two or three confessions, and thought to himself,
that this was going smoothly. Then a lady came into the confessional.
"Bless me father for I have sinned, it has been 2 months since my last
confession. Father, I had anal sex." The man was caught off guard, he
didn't know what penance to give her. So he said, "Can you hold on for a
moment, I am new at this, and I have to consult with the pastor." So the
guy peeked out of the confessional to see anyone of church authority who
could help him out. The only religious figure he saw was an alter boy. He
summoned over the alter boy to the confessional and asked him, "Quick, I
am new at this, what does Father give for anal sex?" The boy responded,
"A snickers, and a pepsi"

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