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Print Recognition Problem---Help!

      I am a potential Newton MP 130 purchaser.  After reading the postings
 in your newsgroup and recently posting one question to you, I was about to
 purchase a 130.
      I went to a local computer store for the purchase; however, before
 making the purchase, I asked to try the handwriting recognition feature. 
 From listening to the rave reviews in this newsgroup for the Newton's
 print recognition, I decided to try it.  I was very, very disappointed. 
 Probably not more than 60% of my printed characters were correctly
      I had the Newton in the print recognition mode, and I tried to adjust
 the various controls---such as the ones that controls spacing, time for
 recognition, etc.  However, nothing seemed to help.  The store's clerk did
 not appear to have much knowledge about Newtons; so, he was of little
      My printing is by no means elegant, but it is quite readable.  I do
 print only in upper case letters---could this be a problem.
      I am asking you folks for some help.  I plan on going back to the
 store armed with your suggestions and give the Newton one more serious
 try.  I suspect that I must be doing something systematically wrong.
      Thanks in advance for your advice.
      A future(hopefully) Newton user,