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Re: Any RAVE games beside Havoc out there?

 Actually, I don't think there are any licensing fees for using RAVE. It is
 an extention to the OS and will be included in the base line in future
 releases of the OS. That is what I remember from the Game Developer
 Conference semenars.
 In article <>, (Willie Abrams) wrote:
 > In article <4q5dit$>, (Brian
 > Stone) wrote:
 > >: I'm thinking of developing a game using the 3D Rave technology. So I want
 > >: to know more.
 > >
 > >   I don't know for certian, but I think anyone who want's to develop a
 > >   commerical or shareware program using RAVE must pay a licensing fee.
 > >   By tradition, Apples licensing fees are pretty steep, so you'll 
 > >   definitly want to look into this before going TOO far.
 > Look, I don't know either, but rather than speculate - why don't you just
 > ask Apple? Insuinating that Apple charges high licensing fees now -
 > without facts or current information - doesn't help the person you are
 > replying to, or Apple out.
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