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Re: Print Recognition Problem---Help!

 SMile2yA wrote:
 > From listening to the rave reviews in this newsgroup for the Newton's
 > print recognition, I decided to try it.  I was very, very disappointed.
 > Probably not more than 60% of my printed characters were correctly
 > recognized.
 >      Thanks in advance for your advice.
 There is a page with some great links and tips regarding
 Handwriting Recognition (HWR):
 The most common problems that I have seen are:
 -Writing on a slant
 -Not lifting the stylus between strokes and letters
 Also, some letters are just tough for it to do and
 until you learn what IT wants to see you will have
 problems with them. For instance, it has trouble
 differentiating between 2 and Z. Looping your 2
 at the base and crossing your Z makes a BIG 
 difference. 1 and l are troublesome, as is 
 most punctuation until you know what it is looking
 for. The manual has some good tips as well.
 If it doesn't work for you then it doesn't work but I
 have gone from about 80% to nearly 100% recognition.
 As I have stated in this newsgroup before, I make more
 mistakes typing than the Newton makes with my writing.
 I have also become a much better printer because of the