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Re: IC: Wolves Glen Pub>:  
 Carsten Husek ( wrote:
 : POTTER REBECCA ( wrote:
 : : : "Oh thanks for the tip. Just what I needed. I feel no desire to
 : : :  get killed by a W-E-R-E-W-O-L-F, getting frenzied about being called those
 : : :  evil words I was threatend to avoid. Next time when I want to answer
 : : :  somones remark only to him or her I will take greater precautions that
 : : :  no-one will overhear."
 : : Aetna snorts unsympathetically.  "In this pub, that'd take some doing.
 : : You never saw a collection of a bunch of people with sharper ears...."
 : After some time, Mancer says cautiously:"Well, sometimes, I treat strangers
 : too much like friends who know what I mean when I say 'furball' or some other
 : thing in german. Please take also my ,er, fluctuating english skill into
 : account."
 : He clears his throat.
 : "I wish no squabbles with the garou, and I do respect their fight against the
 :  Wyrm. And I hope you do not construe what I said (above) as a hint of my
 :  true character. I tend to get agitated when I am, .. no, when I FEEL
 :  threatend."
 She shrugs.  "I'm not going to kill ya--not unless you start pulling nasty
 techno-mage schtick.  Then I'd hafta.  But if you stay peacable, I'll
 probably stay peacable.  As for feeling threatened...."  she shrugs again,
 "I've felt threatened since I was twelve.  Get used to it."
 : --
 : Mancer,
 : all i realize is that I was too open in the beginning
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