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Re: [OverPower] Onslaught Cards

 RJPerazza wrote:
 > >Well, everyone's favorite RJPerrazza told me that THEY would have
 > Specials
 > >and an Intellect stat. I am, of course, referring to the big O and his
 > >heralds, McCoy, Post, and Holocaust
 > Everyone's favorite?   Is that sarcasm or sincerity?!
 > Ah, whatever....
 > Yes, Onslaught, Dark Beast, Post and Holocaust...Specials, and....Events!
 > Oh, and look for our first ever techno-enhanced Onslaught Mission cards
 > (to go with those Events) in packs of Marvel Ultra: Onslaught trading
 > cards.
 Hmm...When will these come out?? Will they be chase cards?? ::ovay!::

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