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Re: Anyone mind if I declare it "That Time Again" ?

 Keldroc wrote:
 > (Sixmonkey) asked for:
 > >1. Name (well, what you're called - names have power you know)Well, I'm Lady Khaatirah bint Thurayya al-Barraniyya al-Sahira in the Society for
 Creative Anachronism....
 My gamers on my 'Marvelous Image' PBeM call me Lady K, or "Q".
 I'm also called the Lady of Blades, Neuromancer, the Avatar, Cyberpath or
 Technopath (a psionic who can telepathic communicate with stuff, and/or tele
 keneticly control it...)
 If you're a friend, (and those of you out there, you know who you are) are allowed
 to call me Khaat or occastionally Kit....
 > >2. Place(s) of residenceCurrently residing in Omaha, NE....
 > >3. Gender/Age/BirthdateFemale (or at least not male...) I read Giant X-Men #1 when I was seven, so if
 you really want to know, you can do the math.... ;)
 I was born on the Autumnal Eaquinox, or the first day of Libra's being a Zodiac
 Sign... (again more math/trivia fun if you *really* want to know...
 > >4. Length of time in or around racmxOn and off for about two years...
 > >5. You get to ask any living person one question.  Who ?  What ?Who: whoever f**ked up Psylocke... "What *were* you thinking, why'd ya do it, what
 weird drugs were ya doing?"
 > >6. Something you like about racmx
 Some place to bitch about the stupid crap they do to what *were* really great
 characters and great stories... And I can contemplate conspiracy theories with
 fellow X-nuts...
 > >7. Something you don't like about racmxthe idiots who keep mis-posting junque mail to our little alternate reality...
 Can we retcon them out of existance??
 > >8. The first thing you wear after you do laundry
 My hideous tie-dyed pink etc tank top... I *hate* pink, but its comfortable in
 96 degree + temps/humidity in Omaha in the summer... (and I just got back from the
 local Duds 'n Suds....)
 > >9. Favorite tape/CD for a long road tripDead Can Dance, anything by them, or anything resembling techno-tribal..
 > >10. Word association: the first word you thought of as you read
 > >"happiness"Seeing Psylocke retconned back into the cool English chic she was before the
 the Nimbo-fication...
 > >11. Claremont's coming over for dinner.  What do you serveSpagetti, garlic bread and a killer salad...I'm not much of a cook, but I can
 do a great pot of s'ketti!
 > >12. Lobdell's coming over for dinner.  What do you serveSpam burgers, chili hot enough to give him an ulcer, and no water or milk...
 Only tequilla to drink.... (his writing etc makes me want to hurl... so turn
 abouts fair..)
 > >13. What'll be written on your tombstone (10 words or less)Psykeye: Keeper of the Revanche & pre-Nimbo Betts Flames
 > >14. Marvel decides to cancel all their books.  You get the chance to
 > write the last issue of any one X-book.  Which one ?Either Xmen or Uncanny: Revanche comes back to take revenge on that Kwannon
 Nimbo who stole her life, and the people who used to be her friends/teammates
 who stood by and allowed it to happen. She was transported to Otherworld, where
 Roma used magic to heal her; and as she rips apart Kwannon's mind with a Psycho-
 blast, she shows Chuck how the most powerful telepath (result of the Legacy Virus'
 increasing her powers to their full potential...) does things...
 In her anger and sense of betrayl, the Phoenix Force comes back, with it's memories
 of destruction and such by the X-Men, and joins with Revanche... The Neon Phoenix
 then, in a flury of violet flames proceeds to nuke the entire place, and wipes all
 memories of the Nimbo from everyone's minds... She rejoins the team under the
 name, Neon Phoenix... She's had her revenge, and she has returned things to 
 the Claremont days... Thus avenging all us fans out here...
 Not the best thing I could think of, but, hey... it's on the spur of the moment!
 > >15. Movie and/or line you quote the most
 "I've got a bad feeling about this..." Han Solo, from Empire Strikes Out...
 > >16. Worst advice Mom/Dad ever gave you
 Well, since me mum's dead I can't count on anything she said, 'cause she was