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Re: Has Jacquet finally seen the light?..................................nah.

 On Fri, 28 Jun 1996, Charlie Madden's Golden Boots wrote:
 > (Paul Grave) wrote:
 > >I doubt picking Canotna would have made much difference.  The midfield
 > >was the problem (and Zidane), we had Desailly, Guerin and Lamouchi,
 > >none of them could support the attack and nor could Zidane as he was
 > >too busy being shit which left just Djorkaeff to do all the work for
 > >Loko, it was asking to much of Djorkaeff. 
 > >Amicalement
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 > >|_)  _
 > >|aul(_,rave         Allez PSG / Allez les Bleus
 > I would have thought, being a Frenchman in England, you would have
 > realised that Cantona has spent much of his time at Man Utd filling
 > exactly the role you are describing as 'missing' (ie, the 'man in the
 > hole' between midfield and attack)
 good point!
 canto was the missing piece to the midfield. 
 To say that canto will have taken the place of djorkaeff is an ultimate 
 stupidity. These two players would have made a fantastic pair in the 
 midfield. Cantona, Djorkaeff, Pedros/Martins/Zidane & Loko (Ginola)
 Who needs guerin, deschamp, karembeu in the same team?? Is this 
 "la ligne MAGINOT" or what?? Particularly when you have Desailly behind.
 I think jacquet should drink one or two bottle of champagne next time 
 he'll make the french team. It might help him to come up with a sparkling
 (Argh!, platini-giresse-tigana-genghini-fernandez, where are you gone ...)
 (1er commandement: Tu ne melangeras pas l'eau et le pastis)